NICORE™ Guidewire

Gaining access and navigating tortuous urinary tracts are the primary functions of ureteral guidewires. The BARD® NICORE™ Nitinol guidewire is designed to optimize both functions. Made of a Nitinol core wire it has a hydrophilic coating to aid in insertion and passage of instrumentation. It is available in various wire sizes, tip designs, and shaft configurations. It comes individually packaged, sterile and for single use.

Features and Specifications

Category/DescriptionItem NumberWire SizeTipLengthPkgShaftNatural Latex?
NICORE™ Nitinol Guidewire 150NBS350.035Bentson150cm10/bx RegularNo
NICORE™ Nitinol Guidewire 150NBS380.038Bentson150cm10/bx StiffNo
NICORE™ Nitinol Guidewire 150NFA350.035Angle150cm10/bx RegularNo
NICORE™ Nitinol Guidewire 150NFA380.038Angle150cm10/bx RegularNo
NICORE™ Nitinol Guidewire 150NFS350.035Straight150cm10/bx RegularNo
NICORE™ Nitinol Guidewire 150NFS380.038Straight150cm10/bx RegularNo
NICORE™ Nitinol Guidewire 150NSA350.035Angle150cm10/bx StiffNo
NICORE™ Nitinol Guidewire 150NSA380.038Angle150cm10/bx StiffNo
NICORE™ Nitinol Guidewire 150NSS350.035Straight150cm10/bx StiffNo
NICORE™ Nitinol Guidewire 150NSS380.038Straight150cm10/bx StiffNo

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Prescriptive Information

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  • The NICORE™ Nitinol Guidewire is made of a super-elastic Nitinol core making it highly maneuverable and kink resistant for navigation through tortuous anatomy.
  • The Nitinol wire provides an ideal blend of stiffness and flexibility, for effective torque control and atraumatic navigation
  • The NICORE™ Nitinol Guidewire has a proprietary multi-layer hydrophilic coating that offers a durable lubricious surface to aid in the insertion process.
  • The NICORE™ Nitinol Guidewire comes in multiple tip and shaft configurations for physician preference and patient need.

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